Spring / Summer, 2022

Thank you for your support!

Greetings Dearest Friends,

Rosepetals is a not for profit organization dedicated to the families and their children facing catastrophic illness. Eighty percent of our children are terminally ill and range between the age of 6 months and 12 years old. Twenty percent of our children are autistic or emotionally delayed. Time and money are donated to give unique care, toys and parties for the children as well as support to the parents who may not be able to afford rent, food, clothing and overwhelming medical expenses. Many of our children have brothers and sisters and come from single parent homes. When parents are faced with mounting household, medical or even funeral expenses, Rosepetals is there to assist. No parent ought be forced to choose between food and the appropriate care for their precious child.

The ultimate goal of Rosepetals is to create centers for support with counseling for parents and their dying children to help them walk together through the inevitable with dignity and peace. Rosepetals only purpose is to serve and nurture dying children and their parents.

JoelyHere’s Joely: We introduced you to Ms Joely last Christmas and are absolutely thrilled to report she is actually in remission and is now a smiling 12 yr old enjoying friends and fun! Thank you for your support, dear ones.

Summer Camp, 2022 - We're Back!

This is a really festive time of year for our special Rosepetals Kids. We always make it exceptionally fun for them by hosting wonderful parties with gifts for all, games, goodies, prizes and real cheer. Won’t you help the Kids get to camp. Only $300 dollars will send a child, with all the necessary medical support, for the thrill of their little lives…!!! The children get so excited with one another and love to play and sing… even if only for a little while. Won’t you please help out and enable these precious angels some real joy in their brief but magnificent lives. Your donation of any amount will truly make a difference.

Won't you please help the Rosepetals kids?

Tax deductible donations may be made online or mailed directly to Rosepetals, Inc., 825 Bloomfield Ave., Verona, NJ, 07044

Love and Light,

Julie Alongi, Founder
Director, Rosepetals, Inc.